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            "There is no system ever devised by mankind that is guaranteed to rip                husband and wife or father, mother and child apart so bitterly than our                 present Family Court System."
              - Judge Brian Lindsay, Retired Supreme Court Judge, New York

And where one parent is often arbitrarily picked to have his or her character destroyed by lies and hearsay, for the sake of money, raked in by the psychologists, attorneys and child support offices. A state gets about $4 from the federal govt per dollar of child support taken from the wrecked parent.  And worst of all, custody goes to the     UNFIT parent who alienates the child BIG $$ in this. At least people are trying to undo it!

Shockingly: ALIENATED MOMS WORSE OFF due to NOW Support of Child Abuse Shockingly: Darrell Regier's "junk science" excuse for no PAS in DSM;             other "junk arguements" by John Grohol described!

   Father's rights groups sympathetic to alienated moms while NOW and moms' groups shun them

MOMS BEWARE: BIG PROBLEMS with VAWA & DV groups; they mainly work                                for those with LITTLE/NO ASSETS & INCOME

Many moms with a$$ets & good job$ learned the hard way: DV groups push DV laws but OMIT telling you about court corruption, that states get Title IVD Social Security $$$ for issuing the BIGGEST possible child $upport order, and that shared custody is almost never ordered because there is no child $upport order for this. Because you have $$$$, the DV laws will likely NEVER WORK for you. Instead courts will give custody to the abuser WHO ALIENATES to 1) appease vocal, relentless father's groups who complain that moms always get custody 2) slap the BIG child $upport order on YOU vs. the abuser, as they don't care who pays so long as they get their Title IVD $$ from the feds  to support BIG STATE GOVT  3) create a long court battle to funnel $$$ to attorney & counselor buddies to keep the oversupply of such people busy & employed, as law schools crank out far too many of them. A mom with little $$$ is more likely helped by the bogus DV laws, especially if the abuser is has the major income, because that results in the larger child $upport order and Title IVD $$$ for the stateSUPER SIMPLE! Wake up moms - YOU ARE BEING USED to feed this! The DV laws are an illusory "hook" just to get $$$$.for others! Also, if you are dealing with alienation no matter what your $$$ DV groups will act as if it does not exist! They are the biggest cons and idiots!

FIRST ..... some MORE BACKGROUND  to THINK about ......and research independently

1)    LAW SCHOOLS INFLATE GRADES    to make grads LOOK GOOD         what if med schools did this?                                            ABA blamed for TOO MANY LAWYERS                                                                                                                1 in 200 people now!  82% of US Govt 

                                                                    Unemployed lawyers sue schools over promises of jobs                                                                          University law schools often subsidize money losing field$                                                                     A  law student discusses what she learned about legal corruption

                                                                                               Most people leave law school morally worse than when they entered.                                                                                                  When they enter law school, most students think in terms of right                                                                                                  or wrong. In law school they are taught to reject such thinking                                                                                            and to think  only in terms of legal and illegal.          Dennis Prager

                                                                    WHY are law schools allowing damage to their students' morals?

2)    HON ROBERT BORK states           "The Constitution provides no check upon the courts  other than           fundamental  problem                     the highly uncertain authority to appoint new judges"   

                                                                     "The Founders, having no idea what a court could become and                                                                       believing, ........ did not provide the checks and balances they                                                                        devised for the political branches"                                                         

         RESULT                                            WIDESPREAD problems that make no sense with the exception of          MONEY                                             Jeff Creedon, Dennis Grover, Rachel Creedon, Michael Nance                                                                      More HUGE problems FUELED by $$$$$$ Angela Browne Miller  

         Petition saying that                        Family Court  is acting illegally and not unlike an organized crime                                                                  syndicate per Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations Act          Petition2                                          (RICO); read about Organized Crime in Family Court                                                                       read about confirmed racketeering in some Pennsylvania courts

3)    The US Constitution was born in PHILADELPHIA - should this city be driving the reform effort? 

 At a news conference at INDEPENDENCE HALL in PHILADELPHIA, Rep Curt Schroder  said “Our freedoms and liberties, guaranteed and enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the  US CONSTITUTION are under attack and the threat is from within... The culture of corruption  that has pervaded the state Capitol looms heavily over the heads of lawmakers and public officials who stand in the shadow of those convicted or implicated in various crimes...  It is our obligation to those we represent to stand up and take bold action to put an end to the corruption that has plagued our commonwealth and to allow confidence in government institutions and those privileged to serve in government to be restored.  PennLive.com    

Evidence of flawed Pennsylvania Constitution: "Under the Constitution of Pennsylvania, neither the Governor nor the State Legislature have any power over the regulation of the conduct of lawyers, an area of authority which the Constitution imposes exclusively on the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania."

                                                   Petition for Constitution Convention in Pennsylvania                                                                                                                        Mario Scavello, Jonathan Jenkins, John Wieczorek,  Jason Petrella sign

 4)    A main flaw is the idea that courts self-regulate.   Consider writing elected officials about this!                                                                                                 Eli Wald: "abandon the  SIMPLISTIC assumption                                                                                                         that judges should regulate lawyers"

5)    Given that attorneys are regulated ONLY by the judicial branch, one way by loss of license               should we be even electing them to public office? Doesn't this create conflict of interest?

                                                      A "MISSING" 13th Amendment to the US Constitution with                                                        implications about ATTORNEY$ holding public office!               Newsweek article

6) Shouldn't the EQUAL PROTECTION CLAUSE of the US Constitution protect EQUALLY the rights of both parents to have EQUAL access to their children? Why are family matter so unequal? $$$$$$ ha ha

Let's face it, courts ABSOLUTELY treat the parental rights of married and separated/divorced parents DIFFERENTLY AND THAT IS FLAT OUT WRONG. Courts do not arbitrarily swoop into the lives of an intact married couple and suddenly keep the children away from one of them. It only happens in divorce/separation, thus the Equal Protection Clause is violated!

 What doe$ it all mean? ......... Can you say MOOOOO-LAH?         $$$$$$$$$

Wonder why many lawmakers disregard PLEAS for family court reform? They might be attorneys who belong to a BAR (or their buddies), with loyalties to  other attorneys/judges, via the BAR, in addition to WE THE PEOPLE! Who wins? Family court reform means reduced business in the contested custody industry for all!

Mark Ciavarella turned "high office of judge into a CASH COW a money-making machine"  Temple Univ.                                                                                                             Assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Zubrod

Robert Powell paid PA Judge Conahan over $700,000 Angela Sallemi funneled money in Kids for Cash

................... "CASH COW" family court system continues to TRAMPLE innocent children

  (Evaluators, etc) are far too overused & it has become a huge CASH-COW for these so-called “experts”

HIGH CONFLICT is turning out to be a HIGH-CASH-COW in the Family Law business

They [LAW SCHOOLS] are also CASH COWS ..................

           Real fear is LOSING A CASH COW FOR THE AGENCIES ..rather than protecting children

                 FOSTER CARE CASH COW - buckets of $$$ for the county from the state & fed ............

    "Children are Walking BUNDLES OF CASH" ..... in Paul Ciccotelli video                                                                                      "Deconstructing America"  

with Kevin Thompson, Taylor Johnson, Elsa Baumgartner, Stuart Miller, Harry Stewart, Zed McLarnon, Charles Heckman, Nev Moore, Rebecca Rohrs, John Munro, Ed Truncelito, Gene Wrona, Stephen Baskerville, Suzanne Shell, John Wolfgram, Milton Raphaelson, Jeffrey Grell

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Survivors have found humor may  help in coping  ..... an ineffective attorney can be fired with the  feeling                                                                                                                           "I WILL SURVIVE without you by my side"                                         Change "lock" to "email" "love" to "money" "heart" to "finances" etc. at appropriate points at next KARAOKE PARTY!


EDUCATION is the KEY first step ......              This site is evolving; its goal is to build broad parental                                                                                 knowledge about family court - to survive it,  "win"  at     Followed by constructive action                       it, and ultimately, reform it FOR OUR CHILDREN       

They speak, write, organize                     There comes a time when we heed a certain call
go undercover & more ......                      When the world must come together as one.
                                                                 We are the world. WE ARE THE CHILDREN                   They are   the                                         We are the ones who make a brighter day             Reformers in  .......                                                                                  United States                                        Dedicated to those who peacefully ACT for change  ..........                                               and anticipate The Morning After this storm of injustice

Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas termed them “kangaroo” courts  They mimic the American "Wild West"  .. ANYTHING GOES and they want big $$ for this massive, putrid JUNKPILE of JUSTICE!

"Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."       Margaret Mead

             ANONYMOUS message to the family court corruption  "you hide behind the color of law"

WI    Lauren Stephens Title IV-D “a huge entitlement environment by pitting parents against each other"


ME  Lori Handrahan, Ph.D reports widespread structural and judicial corruption involving children


AL        Paul Bussman & SB 196 - aim to eliminate the "DA$H FOR THE CA$H" in family court  Way to go!

RACKETEERING in Family Court arranged at Lowndes County hunt club - says Joseph W. Blackburn

          Bradley Patterson AL Bar Assn influenced State GOP leadership to kill 2011 Children's Family Act

Brad Standard visitation is 66/year to maximize federal $$ paid to state from Title IVD social security

Chris Hobbs family court trauma with Judge Little, Dora Heisey, Bill Burgess, Rebekah Howard Graham

ALFRA says Nancy Buckner is illegally using State & Federal $$ to pay State attorneys to work side-           by-side with the law firms of "custodial" parents in the matter of CHILD SUPPORT


MS  Racketeering, other charges stand against civil judges Wes Teel, John Whitfield, atty Paul Minor


Title IV-D and Corruption
“The federal incentives drive the system. The more divorces, & the higher the child-support guidelines are set & enforced (no matter how unreasonable), the more money the state bureaucracy collects from the feds. Follow the money. The less time that non-custodial parents (usually fathers) are permitted to be with their children, the more child support they must pay into the state fund, and the higher the federal bonus to the states for collecting the money. "  
Phyllis Schlafly

CA         Actress Nancy Lee Grahn, Gail Steele call for major changes in Family Law in Alameda County

               Laura Lynn LA Examiner: Children's rights activist explains Title IV-D incentive to stir up conflict

    Is the LA Superior Court  a racketeering organization?  Human Rights Alert & Joseph Zernik report

 CA Protective Parents, director Karen Anderson posts CONCRETE ACTION PLAN; notes Judges Christine Goldsmith, Peter "Chainsaw" McBrien, W. Jackson Willoughby; dedication to Josie Cohen

More Laura Lynn: Ask the White House about Title IV-D and the effect of family law on the economy

Petition: Extreme Ad litem Fraud In San Diego [Family] Courts  about Judge David B.Oberholtzer,                                                                               Edlene C. Mckenzie, Jennifer Iden Liss,  Terrence M. Chucas

Emily Gallup, former Family Law Court Mediator prevails after whistleblowing about state law violations

         Judge DeAnn Salcido (Univ. CA) fights  disposing of sex abuse & DV cases via "CHEVY JUSTICE"

             Actress Tonya Pinkins    "When I’ve discovered judges stepping outside the bounds of law,                                                             no attorneys would touch that.”     “The court’s hate pro ses ......."

 "Women’s experiences in family court mirror experiences that minorities have in criminal court                        Michelle Bemiller abstract at LA Convention

      RICO CRIME in family court detailed at Habeas Corpus; dos/don'ts for court ordered evaluations

Organized criminal enterprise: Eileen Lasher, CA Coalition Families & Children, describes family court

How Racketeering Begins in Family Court, about James Mosier, Fran Passalacqua, Edlene Mckenzie

RACKETEERING - San Diego family court: attorneys make mistakes to prolong case;unethical judges

Down at the Family Court House:  Emad Tadros, Michael Roddy to William Benjamin, Lisa Foster, Alec Baldwin, Eileen Theofanous,  Raymond Heninger, Chris Hansen, Marjorie Ospeck, Lee Coleman

Sacramento Family Court Judge Sharon Lueras Blamed In Hatchet Death of Matthew Hernandez age 9

 No more "wiggle room" Judge Marjorie Steinberg suggested point contact for family court complaints

        Robin Sax, Gina Silva Investigate LA Family Court; interview Judge Michael Nash

        Judge Dale Wells of Riverside retaliates against moms, victimizes children, says Elana Blank 

How Racketeering Begins in Family Court, with Fran Passalacqua,  Alan B Clements, Terrance Chucas

Justices Woods, Perluss & Zelon uphold restraining order against reformer Laura Lynn for her writing,

   "There needs to be some response if courts are not abiding by the law," Sen. Mark Leno wants reform

Judicial Council Watcher discusses racketeering: notes John Judnick, Ron Overholt, Michael Paul

         Gloria Gamino, contact for Sacramento Family Court audit of mediators, investigators, evaluators

            Dad Anthony Lingle protests at William Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse San Francisco

         Emily Gallup invites public to meet with Doug LaMalfa for Nevada County family court reform 

 Robin Wilson gets evaluator Bill Perry off case for posts; yet Judge Patrick Mahoney denies her custody

Karen Lebow Adult Children of Parental Alienation: Breaking the Ties that Bind leads to support group

Cindy “Anna” Richards: parental alienators are sociopaths: Bullies Do Not Grow Up: They Grow Worse

              iReport poster claims existing crime inside the San Jose California family court

              Criminal complaints against custody evaluator Janelle Burrill to be filed 10AM Thurs 8/5/10

                Mothers of Lost Children holds Mothers Day 2010 Rally in Wash. DC against corruption                         SILENT VIGIL at WHITE HOUSE: Mothers of Lost Children, Connie Valentine, Kathleen Sullivan

                Michele Dargan & Kara Kitts blog about Nancy Lee Grahn's Custody Ordeal

                Petition for DHS/DCFS Reform: Give Us Back Our Children!    Los Angeles

          Dennis Hinger of AFRA calls for Congress to reform the child welfare industry - see full report

     Hon PJ Bedsworth upholds unjust termination verdict against county, Marcie Vreeken, Helen Dwojak

           LA mom Idelle Clarke continues fighting Judges Irving Feffer and Elizabeth Feffer for justice 

          Alan Boinus,Tasha Amador,Keith Allen,Darbey Mangen,Kim Plater protest Judge Robert Lemkau

           San Bernardino votes for James Hosking over Robert Lemkau, who gave baby to murderous dad

               CCFC protests corruption in San Diego family law industry; partly blames Judge Lorna Alksne

        Chris reports protesters picket Judge Alksne's home; says judiciary and media aligned to hush up

             Petition to Recall Judge Lorna Alksne McKellar posted by John Damon

       Randy S. Berg asks about CA family court: State-Sponsored Malfeasance or Organized Crime?

Commissioner Alan Friendthal admonished for family court actions;Judge Elizabeth Feffer no better?

              CCFC claims "San Diego courts and family law system have decided to declare a covert war on               the parents they are abusing who have dared to speak up;" co-founder Cole Stuart arrested

           Dr Shirley Moore tells of phony nonprofits, judges sitting on boards of family services making $$

            San Bernardino County dad Shawn Sloan reads family code for 40-50 hrs for self-representation

              Kern County dad Christian Diaz and his mom Guadalupe Diaz oppose forced adoption of child

              Sen. Mark Leno, others get State ordered audit of Marin, Sacramento County Family Courts

            Blog - Marin family court horror stories- State orders audit of Marin family court >860 comments

             Barbara Kauffman questions Marin County family court records purge; Judge Boren says lawful

 Show Me the $$ Conference:Judges Lorna Alksne, Thomas T Lewis, Michael Naughton, Cynda Unger

             Robin Yeamans, others protest shredding of Marin Family Court records; call for criminal probe

              Linda Bernard, Leslie Johnson describe bad experiences with Marin County Family Court

    Sacramento County family court official Daniel Horton arrested on child molestation accusations

                 Working Draft Possible Letter to California AG regarding Superior Court of Solano County

            Rev. Ashiya Odeye leads protest of perceived inequities in Placer County's family court system

           Alienated parents hold 2010 candlelight vigil in Sacramento; alienated dad Donald Tenn speaks

             First Annual S. California Parental Alienation Conference speakers Pamela Hoch, Amy Baker

          Marc Angelucci, CCFC draft brief in appeal of Judge Jay Bloom's siding with corrupt family courts

              Mom Julia Moreno starts Joshua Rose Foundation to help parents with custody disputes

              Angelo Lobo  films "$upport? System Down" about Family Court corruption

               Dr. Phil's show "Crisis in Family Court" about murdered/abused children >1100 comments 

           Pacific Justice Institute drafts Parental Due Process Act guarding fundamental parental rights

               Alec Baldwin's book blasts family court system - says it promotes anger and frustration

           Alec Baldwin talks with Diane Sawyer about 'Corrupt, Inefficient, Lazy, Stupid' judges and lawyers

             Greedy Court Whore attorneys, judges, psychiatrists operating in Los Angeles, posted

              Cindy Dumas, others protest San Diego family court for not taking abuse allegations seriously

         Bill Bauer sues Orange County Family Court judges/related attorneys for racketeering, conspiracy

              Atty Richard Fine speaks against Judicial BONUSE$; Judge David Yaffee jails him   protest held                                   UPDATE: Atty Fine FREED   Ron Kaye formerly of LA Daily News, comments, more

               Debra Highducheck, Tania Carmenate protest at Edelman Children's Court against DCFS

               Jim Wittmack, dad, "It (custody) is very well crafted** to extort MONEY from the parents $$"

         Kathy Justi, Maria Duncan, Margorie Mardis protest psychologists Terry Johnston, Michael Jones

                Santa Ana residents, Orange County,  blog about Michael J. Naughton family court judge

                Mirko Vojnovic stages hunger strike to protest injustice in Santa Clara family court

                San Jose blogs about Family Court Judge Carrie Zepeda

            Katie Tagle, a San Bernardino County mom of murdered child, victim of huge  family court crisis

Kathleen Russell "A FEEDING FRENZY in the courtroom if either of the parents has MONEY  $$" 

A court's advantage is to keep you TRAUMATIZED so it's HARD to GET ORGANIZED!

IN         Jailed father Amir Sanjari goes on hunger strike to protest family court corruption and injustice 

   Open letter to Judge Randall Terry Shepard about federal incentive payment$ for child $upport order$

    Dan Brewington takes on Family Court Dearborn County good ol' boy network is no longer a secret

     Let's Get Honest tells moms to pay attention to Title IV social security motivation in custody cases

            Craig Scarberry to appeal child-custody because he believes it was based on religious bias

          Dan Brewington describes Dearborn family court, with Edward Connor, Judge James Humphrey

             Johnson County mom Sherri D claims CPS "reunification plans" designed to fail

 Michael Elliott, Kristen Moore prosecute Debra Hodge of Fort Bend in CHILD SUPPORT Fraud Ring  

             Muriel Ryan, co-founder of Families By Choice, notes shared parenting is on the rise


DC        Mothers of Lost Children protest family court corruption,  murder of Amy Castillo children by dad

          Why no coverage of National Parent's Day? Tony Jordan's staff, Leisha Tringali, others support it

            Stephen Baskerville writes about family court corruption in The Politics of Family Destruction;          says when Pope John Paul II blamed lawyers/judges, the lawyers journalists politicians retaliated 

              Ashley Clark - Mothers for Shared Parenting - DC Rally 2007 -  parental alienation is real!

                  Rita Smith of National Coalition Against Domestic Violence criticizes family court judges

      SpLiTnTwO, founder Tawnya Maddox, DCFESTIVAL2008 video protests legal child abuse in the US

              Chrissy Chrzanowski, SplitNTwo, who was alienated from her mother, at  DC FESTIVAL 2008  

                  Family Preservation Festival July 2010, Wash DC for equal parenting, family court reform

            Children have Rights Too DC Rally May 18-20 2010 to end COURT SANCTIONED CHILD ABUSE

            HALT,  An Organization of Americans for Legal Reform, comments on pro se family court forms


KY        Kentucky Supreme Court recognizes  "inherent, equitable rights of biological parents"

             Kenton residents start blog "family court corruption"

Tea Party Rally Exposes Family Court Injustices at  Fayette Family Courthouse   MARVELOUS!

             Georgetown lawyer Neil Duncliffe attacks Judge Tamra Gormley family court  > 250 comments

                  PA Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie-Melvin called the judicial branch                                           "the stealth branch of government"   Post-Gazette

PA    Philadelphia                                        meet former "gambling" Gov Ed Rendell

   Robert Surrick's Lawyers, Judges and Journalists tells of entrenched corruption, including appellate

RAMPANT MASSIVE CORRUPTION Bill Windsor gets Don Bailey, Andrew Kundratic, Margo Royer story

        Rep Thomas Murt Resolution 582  Declares April 2012 "Parental Alienation Awareness Month"

Freeh Report Gives Philadelphia Family Court Corruption Victims Model To Reach PA Attorney General

    David Ludy writes Barack Obama about Title IVD social security fraud for child support $$$$$ for state

        Philadelphia News wants Chief Justice Ronald Castille out due to Family Court Building scandal

       "Golfing judge" Castille "led the pack" in gifts, from Saul Ewing, others in "the land that ethics forgot"

 Judge Castille slams Reform judge Orie Melvin opinion with "verbal sledgehammer" per John Burkoff

            Rep. Curt Schroder "sometimes the court likes to keep itself shielded from public accountability"

        HB 2 "would give people who have a concern over cases involving the judiciary an agency to turn to"

         PA's 7 justices among highest national $alaries, more law clerks than 9 US Supreme Court justices

           Harrisburg silent about Family Court building scandal; Jeffrey Rotwitt golf buddy of Judge Castille

            Deborah Young writes letter to Rep. Allyson Schwartz, Robert Casey,  Pres. Obama for reform

          Tilly Ayala, Mary Kalyna other moms in Every Mother is a Working Mother Network for DHS reform 

            Petition for DHS/DCFS Reform DHS/DCFS: Give Us Back Our Children! Philadelphia

Protest Cjild Snatching at DHS sisters from aunt Carolyn Hill, who cared for them for most of their lives

            Phoebe Jones "We (mothers) get no recognition or support. Only blame when things go wrong"

            Kathy Gomez, Sparkle Ballard, Richard Wexler talk about removal of children in Philadelphia

            ROXANNE GRINAGE reports on families fighting unjust DHS, including Lucretia McMillian

           Roxanne Grinage:  Administrative Solutions For Dismantling Corrupt Family Court Machine

   More proof law is not enforced: abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell charged with murders of live babies!

           Philadelphia Fathers' and Noncustodial Rights Group organizers Bob Snyder, Dave Ludy, others

       Pennsylvania ranks 42d in electing women to the state legislature - sign of bigger problems in state

“The judiciary has been in my view the most difficult government entity to deal with”.. “They have an attitude of supremacy that is counterproductive to transparency” John Baer, columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News

Elisha Ennis child support case: PA gets 10% fed Incentive $ per dollar collected, $$ incentives for court costs, Title IVD attorney fees & bonus if noncustodial parent jailed for nonpayment of child support OMG

     Ben Vonderheide movie Lawless America covers injustice involving both mothers & fathers

        A PA mom: "Court sided with the liar & took my children from me"

License to Squeal posts Kelly Wall on "Wall of Shame;" says corruption starts at Common Pleas level

    Stephanie Tarapchak contact: Lackawanna Family Court protest; court admin Ron McKay docs taken

                 Chris of Chester County asks questions about Lombardi family court

        Lackawanna County Family Court forum - RICO in a Nutshell, reference Jeffrey Grell, Grell on RICO

         Scranton Parents, Cherie Matassa,  Question The Use Of Danielle Ross as a Guardian As Litem

       Grieving mom Sandy Fonzo screams at CHILD-RACKETEERING judge she blames for son's suicide

              PETITION - Pennsylvania Presumption of Joint Custody posted by Brian Slusaw, Lehigh Valley

 Daniel Holmes praises Linda Gottlieb skill in courtroom battles and cases involving parental alienation

   Cathleen Palm wants change after Judge Andrew Dowling, Dauphin CYS fail to protect dead toddler 

  Judge Thomas Kelley hears cases despite coworker having protection order on him  (Univ Richmond)

             New Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin BLASTS judicial corruption;   Awesome!

  Justices Stevens Donohue Fitzgerald refuse homegrown "York County Practice" in custody case wow!

     "Kids for CA$H" deal Luzerne County: corrupt judges Mark Ciavarella, Michael Conahan caught Juvenile Law Center Marsha Levick involved; Hillary Transue, Phillip Swartley, Matt Klubeck cleared 

            Robert Schwatrz for disciplining all who knew of Luzerne County Court corruption & didn't report

          RACKETEERING plea of GUILTY by Michael Conahan, former president judge of Luzerne County

    "They [judges] sold their oaths of offices to the highest bidders" Deron Roberts FBI chief, Scranton

Let's Get Honest Blog details COURT CRONYISM with .. Judge Thomas Munley, Danielle Ross, Arnold              Shienvold, Brenda Kobal, Anne Marie Termini, Chet Muklewicz,AnthonyLibassi Ronald Refice  

        W Keisling saysYork County has history of child negligence  former Rep Beverly Mackereth involved

          Paul Fink Temple Univ, regrets defamatory remarks about those suffering from parental alienation

Paul Fink, arrogantly admitted: It is the task of the APA to protect the earning power of psychiatrists.”1

        Carl Romanelli PA Green Party "appeals system in PA simply rubber stamps the corrupt decisions"

            Brandy Fullerton, James Hayward, Cheryal Stedman protest Luzerne County Children & Youth

         Lisa Scoffone, Brenda Battle. Kristen McAndrew, David Rasmus protest Luzerne Children&Youth

          PA Family Court Reform says state PROFITS via fed grants by collecting excessive child support

         PA Superior Court says child can have three legal parents and ALL LIABLE FOR CHILD $UPPORT

   Brian Mattes sends protest letter responding to WRONG notice accusing him of owing child support

           Chester County discusses issues with custody evaluator Bruce Mapes; Judge Ott gets complaint

       Chester County blog asks:Is Dr. Mapes Guaranteed A Paycheck by Family Court for the Sake of  the         Children?CYS reports him in the 2009 budget for $80000 for consultation. Richard Lombardi noted

Dad Terance Healy details widespread collusion/cover up of illegal court tactics in Montgomery County

           Montgomery County Court blog mentions Pat Derby, Sara Goren, Judge Thomas Del Ricci, more

  Daniel Clifford Montgomery judicial hopeful "I'm campaigning on a platform of Family Court REFORM"

           Lebanon County blogs about family court, Judge Samuel  Kline, Brad Charles

           Lebanon County Corrupt Judges - more blogging about family court problems

     Poster questions advice of North Pennsylvania Legal Services, Judge Louise Knight, William Wiest

           Eugene Wrona says of altered court records in PA and elsewhere "“This is criminal misconduct.”

             Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts Marks/Goodman/Rogers for ending judicial elections

        Pamela Kilmer blogs PA Corrupt Judges Forced Mother to Send Son to Pedophile Lebanon County

      Julia Fletcher reports about Lebanon County family court waste of $$$$, like Old Time Georgia there

            Robin Gilchrist for House Bill 463 for shared custody (Rep. Robert Belfanti Montour County)

            Art Lewandowski, Larry Shapiro, David Nelson, Bill Koellner, Bill Gibbons of PAFACE meet reps

        Elizabeth Bennett  "judges' schedules don't leave enough time to pay attention to important details"

             Pennsylvania Families Association, Lancaster County, founder Jesse Storm, for equal custody

           Dad Ben Vonderheide, Lancaster, Exposes Abusive Child Profiteering Racket, system retaliation

             Tim Potts, co-founder Democracy Rising asks for parts of PA canons of judicial ethics                              DECLARED UNCONSTITUTIONAL; posts PETITION for Constitution Convention 

        Thomas Tessaro  Manderino's bill "does nothing to stop fathers from being excluded from the lives       of their kids." ATTORNEYs Maria Cognetti, Jay Blechman do not favor presumptive 50/50 custody

Presumptive 50/50 custody except for abuse is PCADV Nicole Lindemyer Ellen Kramer view sensible?

         Mark Carrol "Not everybody is a deadbeat dad" while Mary Burchik cares only to keep a standard

             A Dad writes Patricia Mills-Domestic Relations, over $60000/yr for forced parent coordination

             Bob Woods, YorkCounts, reports child abuse increasing in York County 

          Five children cut off from society for years in York County finally found by CYS >1030 comments

           YDR reports Harry Ness, who defended man who beat 2 year old into a coma, is now a JUDGE!

          Deputy Sec. Richard Gold wants to "get to the root cause" of elevated child abuse in York County

York County Mom reasonable about CHILD $UPPORT delay yet dad and child ARRESTED 

                WHY does NY BAR aim to RELAX judicial misconduct process?                            Adam Skaggs,  Robert Tembeckjian, Victor Kovner others speak out

NY       OCCUPY BUFFALO announces Protest for Reform of Child Protective Service & Family Law

         Leon Koziol   State incentive to collect child support : Bigger piece of Federal funds pie

        Talk of the Sound reports Judge Nilda Morales Horowitz has fixed several family court cases

Gary Jacobs, Smithtown protests judges letting parents alienate children & family destruction SUPERB

Liora Farkovitz Child support agencies deliberately withhold & mismanage billions of collected support

  Sonia Ossorio protests Judge Cassandra Mullen expected probation for child rapist Tony Simmons

Panel wants Family Court Judge Bryan R Hedges gone due to misconduct reported by Ellen C Warner,

         Read about NY Judicial Misconduct  "Unreform"...  NYTimes#1 ......  NYTimes#2.......NYTimes#3

           State Commission on Judicial Conduct says to remove Family Court Judge Gilbert L. Abramson!

              Dad Sean Delevan changes nature of his family court story blog

            Utica Forum: Family Court - the Source of the Corruption; courts "incentiized" by Title IV-D $$$  

             NYC mom Angeline Hassell writes letter to Mayor Bloomberg after losing custody  UPDATE 1/10

            A poster asks:    Will Andrew Cuomo be bold enough to attack the corrupt divorce industry?

             Frieda Hanimov, a pregnant mom, went undercover to nab BRIBE-taking Judge Gerald Garson

             Howard Moskowitz: "It's a disgrace that he's [Judge Gerald Garson] getting out early"

      Mothers protest abuses including Family Court: by Parents in Action, Mothers of the Stolen Children

             Emotional abuse addressed! Nassau County Judge Robert Ross punishes parental alienator

             Rolando Bini People Power Coalition posts Manhattan Family Court Rally

             Op-Ed Getting Rid of Bad Judges about Brooklyn Judge Michael Feinber, Clarence Norman Jr

            Vanessa James feels judge targeted her because she protested in front of the court for her child

             ParentAdvocates.org (NYC) blast judicial corruption; want family court judges held accountable

     Steven Feldman cited - false credentials, J. Murray thought Saratoga family court properly vetted him

            Jack Frost, John Murtari hold protests, advocate for the rights of non-custodial parent 

Damir Juric letter to Attorney Steven Nussbaum saying he ignored Ulster Family Court conspiracy

            Fathers for Justice holds protest for shared parenting in Ballston Spa

          Jack Frost, friends protest unlawful DNR order for his child at Glens Falls Pediatric Consultants               Diane Coleman of Not Dead Yet writes to Sen. Roy McDonald against unlawful DNR order

         Appellate Court rules in Larkin v. White that Family Court decision lacked a sound basis!  WOW!

 Once you run out of money, they tell you to settle Robert, Lily describe                                                                                $taten I$land  family court


MN      Gov Mark Dayton vetos bill increasing min parenting time; thought to be swayed by lawyers 

Horror in Family Court: about Judges Richard Perkins, Tim D. Wermager, Michael Mayer,Joanne Smith 

          Marc Bourdeaux $100 Bonus paid for every “parental custody modification the county completes

            Rob Hahn says he'll make family law reform a key part of his agenda if he's elected governor

       John Honest Few attorneys are willing to admit that they & the system of family law are the problem

          Former Hennepin County family court judge Bruce Peterson favors spiritual view of family court

 Judge Sandy Keith, former Chief Justice, MN Supreme Court, supports Shared Parenting!                                                                                                                                                                                    Dale Nathan of Minnesota Court Reform will pay $200 for your story of court injustice



Ex-wives say divorce judge Paul Escandon favors rich hubbies: with Patricia Pisciotti Paula Diaz Antonopoulos Wolfe, Rachel Alintoff, Jennifer Glovich, Tameka Hunt Maurice and Laurie DiBiagio

                     Family Courts and the RICO Act  by Vidal Guzmán

Kathleen Hopkins reports Paul Escandon protest in Monmouth; with Kristen Williams, Tamara Kendig

Bruce Eden, Mitchell Jakubowski, Debbie Frank protest Muslim Judge Hany Mawla accused                        of imposing SHARIA LAW on Family Court    MORE .......

        Moorestown Public Library holds standing room only  Amy Baker workshop on parental alienation

Jan Beddini Judicial Accountability in NJ: Personal Story of Corruption Somerset County, Thomas Dilts

              Sylvia Steiner, Shelli Brosh, Elaine Brown protest gender bias, courts ignoring abuse evidence

     Jill Jones-Soderman says NJ retaliated upon child abuse report: with Judge Mary Margaret McVeigh

               Fraud Forensics team writes about and fights judicial corruption "feeding kittens to snakes"

               US Rep Chris Smith helps Monmouth County dad David Goldman get son back from Brazil

 Protest of Judge James Convery: mom Susan Miller says bias, discrimination; Irene Weiser comment

PETITION - get Essex County Judge Convery off  bench           Convery, James Citta  face ethics charges

Ocean County blogger says John Corzine, Judge James Blaney, Mark Troncone in corrupt family court

              Blog about Camden County family court, Judge Fox, more  


MA     Bob Norton others pass out fliers against Sen Cynthia Creem blocking family court reform bills 

         Interest Rate on Late Child Support Reduced 50%; John Natale, Chris Jenson speak at hearing

No Way Out But One family court horror story about Holly Collins at MIT; comment by Garland Waller

Herald angers pro-family at Kenneth Salinger (Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge) Judicial Conf Hearing

Nev Moore: Judge Carol Smith Barnstable Juvenile Court, investigated includes false docs for federal $

         Senate candidate Sal DiDomenico, Michael Albano, Dennis Benzan for shared parenting H1400 

         Boston - Forced Absence, a Film About Child Custody, $upport, Visitation & Corrupt Family Courts

    Family courts "in the business of manufacturing sole-custody homes for profit," says Fathers Unite

    Barbara Johnson "disbarment by this kangaroo court is an effort to silence my criticism of the courts"

           Dad Kevin Thompson writes book about corrupt Family Court; Judge Manzi bans it

          Plymouth residents blog about misconduct charges again family court Judge Michael Livingstone


MD  Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr  Free Public Seminar About Judicial/Family Bullying: 6/19/12  7:30 pm

Judge Joseph A Dugan Jr protection denial results in death of Amy Castillo children Luiz RS Simmons                              FIGHTS Sue Hecht, Sen. Jennie Forehand effort for better bill; Joan S. Meier comment


NC    Lisa Pennington, Bill Belk, Rhonda Patt protest family court judges Becky Tin, Lisa Bell, atty Bill         Diehl (James, McElroy & Diehl) psychologist H.D. Kirkpatrick; NC Court Watch Foundation assists

    Twyla Hollingsworth: need judge"who's not gonna cry or storm out when someone asks a question"

Grandmother Kathy Jean Swafford wants to raise public awareness of  state’s child abuse problem

     Mom Alaina Giordano wants to know how childless Judge Nancy Gordon can be a family court judge

 Jake Morphonios: 1990 welfare let state govts get drafted into  CHILD SUPPORT COLLECTION RACKET

Ron Reale Family Court priorities are: protect Family Court officials & Use Children to commit Extortion

        Rob posts his story of how his persistance and rare type of attorney overturned son's adoption!

         KN2P organizes Rally for Shared Parenting - speakers Tim McKyer, Geoffrey Hurlburt, others 

        Family Court Watch of NC informs, educates and alleviates confusion in corrupt custody cases


SC  Marc Kitches fires Terri Williams, Family Court supervisor for child  $$UPPORT for stealing WOW


UT        Dad Kenyon Eastin writes scathing letter to judge, goes on hunger strike to protest $upport laws

         Darcy Van Orden, Lynne Skowronski protest DCFS; call for audit; Liz Sollis written response


TN  Bella's mom feels that one person can make a difference in the fight against family court corruption!

         HB 2916 for Shared Parenting, Mike Bell key sponsor; Mike McCormick, dad Eric Kyle in support

         Group protests actions of DeSoto County judges; Holly McKnight  speaks about Judge Vicki Cobb

      Ruth Cummins, Crystal Ward protest abuse of  families & children nearJohnson City Juvenile Court

Karen Caldwell: A Mothers Fight Against Corruption, with Judge Roger A. Page,  James F. Butler

       Stanley C Thorne consultant in custody case involving 14th Amendment's equal protection clause

 Child support worker Steven K Gilmore caught for stolen personal info,employed by Policy Studies, Inc.


OH         Nancy Rolfe forms govabuse.org (“Government Abuse is Child Abuse”) for family court reform  

           Rep. Michael Turner has proposed a bill he says would protect service members' custody rights


FL   Families Against Court Travesties starts Court Watch; notes founder Lisa Macci's "Justice Hour"

Rick Scott 1st governor to veto bill giving children equal access to both parents SHAME on you Mr Scott!

 Susan Hubbard (Thebeau) says FL-DOR Title IV-D Social Security "cash cow" cites Judge Paul Huey

 Alienated Grandparents Anon led by Susan Baines, Dianne Durante, Michelle Hains Vickijo Letchworth

         Petition to Make Parental Alienation a Crime posted by Kelli Watts

     Mary Noble, others, petition/protest Judge Bernard Shapiro ruling warn of Lucy Zelman Jack Spark


CO   Colorado Coalition for Equal Parenting                  Meetup organizers Steve Spry, Linda Snyder 

       Gina Liggett eletter opposes revised child $upport payment statute reported by William Porter


OR   Mom Lisa Kirkman's ordeal ends: Judge Leonard put son in foster care for 2 yrs without cause


IA     Iowa Fathers for shared parenting, founder Bryan Iehl; offers support groups, pro se help

Greg Hughes for Congress, District 1 Iowa wants to  eliminate waste & unfairness in justice system!

Cedar Rapids Activist for Greg Hughes - he is NOT a lawyer; not afraid of "Child $upport Recovery Unit”


NH        Dr. David Vandenberg Receives National Attention for Enduring N.H. Family Court Corruption

      William O'Brien, Justice Linda Dalianis comment on court overhaul; possible savings >$50 million

        Grandmother Dorothy "Dot" Knightly story of devastation by corrupt Family Court and DCYF

 Simon Blackunequal coverage of two desparate men, Thomas Ball in family court and Tunisian man

             David Johnson tells of citizens feeling violated by family court,  bill to oust Judge Lucinda Sadler

          Outrage/protest at DCYF taking newborn baby from parents Johnathon Irish, Stephanie Taylor


WV   West Virginians blog about Wyoming County Family Court corruption & share ideas for reform

Rev Arthur D Hage shows bad behavior of Family Court Judge William M "Chip" Watkins Awesome job!

  Paul Elam: outrageous Judge Lori Jackson gags dad Joel Kirk, keeps children with alcoholic mom


NV    Emily Gallup & Don Bessee efforts at Nevada County courthouse coincide with order limiting them

           Alan  DiCicco calls for competent replacement for Family Court Judge Steve Jones, Clark County

         Alan DiCicco writes Open Letter to Nevada Parents about Judge Jones, attorney Rhonda Mushkin

          Clark County - Family Court Protest Photos - posted by Glenn Campbell

Juli Star-Alexander "Judges are making decisions based on the color of the underwear they're wearing"

        Family court Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio removed; Mary Boetsch "He was constantly on the prowl"

       Victoria Giampa's civil rights complaint about Clark County court muted by Judge Douglas Herndon


Kathleen Brooks, Family Court Judge Steven Jones domestic violence incident "sends poor message"

at it again: Judge Steven Jones at work despite relationship with Lisa Willardson who went before him!

and again: Judge Steven Jones Charged in $3M Fraud Scheme; also Thomas A. Cecrle, Jr.,  Terry J                                                                        Wolfe, Constance C. Fenton, Mark L. Hansen, Ashlee M. Martin

      Shawn Evans, founder of PASSAGE, holds protest of Parental Alienation at Clark County courthouse


RI         Rebecca L. McLaughlin posts picture Rhode Island Family Court protest 2011, for Oliver

         Serena Simeone Illegal divorce & custody battles conducted in backroom deals - Judge Jeremiah

          Rev Anne Grant "custody & visitation cases hold financial incentive$ for lawyers & psychologists"

          Rev Anne Grant blogs about dangerous Family Court actions/custody scams; DCYF attacks blog 

   Bob Kerr "Family Court is a world unto itself" about Denyce Rocchio, Armando Monaco, Michael Brady

        ACLU sues truancy judges/courts, Amy Tabor, Yelena Konanova, Deborah Archer fight for families

           A mom blogs about Good Ole Boy court in Prov RI and Chief Judge Jeremiah Jeremiah resigning


CT                     Corrupt CT protests Connecticut Department of Children And Families

                      Catharine Sloper blogs about high conflict divorce and the family court system

Child Support & Welfare:  Is Corrupt Racketeering The Norm? with Ray Ruddy of  Maximus Inc., Juliie           Ball,  Michelle Rogers, Lynn Behrmann, president of CT Family Day Care Associations Network


TX        RON PAUL talks about Title IVD funding incentives in Family Court

         Carole Bell Ford writes book about women reforming "good ol boy" family court in Harris County

          Judge David Hanschen believes in truth in the courtroom with no statute of limitations  WOW

  Occupy Family Courts - TX - supports International Protest for the Love of Children, Deb Justice Young

       Houston Family Law Corruption - discusses Wendy Burgower and Judge Bonnie Hellums emails

       Carmen Middleton Caldwell County says CPS wrecks families as it pursues billions of federal $$$

          Collin County Corruption Forum: place to rally and discuss rampant corruption in family court

             A father describes Occupy for Family's Rights 2012! in memory of Senator Nancy Schaefer

Family Court Judge William Adams daughter posts video of beating; Jim Hopper says "brutal violence"


IL    Linda Shelton Politicians TOTALLY ignorant of custody abuse & other  laws used by corrupt courts

Linda Shelton, David Bambic supporters blast Chicago FBI handling of case,Cook County Sheriff Dart, Dorothy Brown; Judge Peggy Chiampas urge writing Robert Grant, FBI 2111 W Roosevelt Rd. Chicago!

Billions in Soc Security funds used to destroy families instead of preserve them, with Sandra Padrone

    Judge William Holderman defers "direct evidence of federal funding fraud underlying the 'cottage     industries' operating in the State of IL' family court system" to District US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald    

           Annette Zender contact for Illinois Coalition for Family Court Reform 

           Lex Green, LeAlan Jones rally for equal parenting; Carrie Adams, Tony Taylor tell of injustice

            Mom of murdered boys Amy Leichtenberg files complaint against Judge James E. Souk

           Sheila Mannix, Debb Durbin address public corruption in the Lake County Family Court

     FBI speaks with Sheila Mannix,  Karyn Mehringer about corrupt Richard J. Daley Center family court 

        IFCAA takes on racketeering in family court: evidence on Judges Karen Shields, James Donegan

           Arunas Cepas, Tony Olaivar others protest Judge Arnold Blockman; call his policy "pro-attorney"

    "Problem lies not with noncustodial parents but instead with the child $upport system" Jeffery Leving

           IL Fathers - support shared parenting, post petition, hold rallies, meet reps, Tim Brown president

          Bill Sharp, others participate in Save Our Families Rally; tell how courts favor alienating parent

                               Meetup: Shared Parenting of Illinois-DuPage County organized by Mike

          Jason starts blog to rally, protest, have meet ups, do recruiting, family court watching, and more


OK Farina Thompson a grandmom, says Judge Richard Kirby deliberately & vengefully destroyed family

               OK Family Rights Coalition posts news, rallies, Clarence Cooper, Maria Moore organizers

          Petition - Oklahomans Against Parental Alienation toSenator Susan G. Paddack - District 13


KS          District Attorney Chad Taylor  reports domestic violence is on the rise in Shawnee County

RACKETEERING in family, juvenile courts - Bill McKean testimony for HB 2655 

Thomas Jefferson FORESAW Judicial Tyranny:                 "The Constitution, on this                   hypothesis, is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary, which they                 may twist and shape into any form they may please."

VA        Roy Morris writes complaint letter, addresses COJ about Judge Esther Wiggins (Arlington)

Justice for Joshua Org: for all who endure unfair due process, fraud & are victims of the family court

          Judge Esther Wiggins named in mom's protest against abusers getting custody in Arlington

More about founding father Thomas Jefferson who foresaw judicial disaster in Marbury vs Madison

                      Mark Young site calls for equality and justice for both mothers and fathers

         VA Family Law Reform Coalition  supports rebuttable presumption of equal shared parenting

     Synthia Johnson blasts Arlington CPS treatment of cousins as 'uncalled for & defies any rationale.."

Arlington Parent News posts Racketeering in Family Court, tipline for Arlington Dept of Human Services

      Parentalrights.org gives which lawmakers support Parental Rights Amendment to US Constitution

RACKETEERING Civil Conspiracy & RICO in Divorce Actions: Laura Morgan


MI       Title IV-D Money Flow: States & family courts PROFIT from creation of a "non-custodial" parent

 GREAT GRANDMOTHER  Mary Palmer, Sheila Copeland,Teresa Squires protest family court AWESOME

Kathy Turetzky Petition: :Family Courts to Mandate Whole Child Assessment in High Conflict Divorce

Grandmother Lauren Furneaux protests Judge Michael Higgins, as partly causing grandchild death

             Claudia Halm of Kawkawlin Township coordinates Family Court Protest in Bay County

Sen Mark Jansen putting Emily, Tiffany Meno with Joy Heaven by Bethany Christian Service investigated

Sen. Tom Casperson: Senate Bill 1303: Michigan Bill Admitting Its Foster Care System Does Not Work

          Carol Rhodes, child support staff told "we are not friends of the family we are friends of the court"  

          James Semerad drafts letter for Equal Parenting Bill cosponsored by Rep. Brian Calley

    Starletta Banks sues Kathleen Jansen, Elizabeth Weaver others for racketeering involving children

    Deanna Kloostra files papers with Rep Andy Dillon to impeach Family Court Judge Patricia Gardner

             Lary Holland presents Barry County Equal Parenting Symposium

             Dads Dave Taylor, Larry Herren host "Best Interest of the Family" radio, for family court reform


MO   Rose Waggoner guesses family court corruption yields over $20,000,000 federal/state/yr for state

          Dad Bill Stoneking's book on family court corruption draws fans in Clay, Jackson, Platte Counties

Michael questions CORRUPT CHILD $UPPORT 490 Comments! Go Michael!


HI     Jonea Schillaci-Lavergne organizes rallies for Family Court reform, domestic violence awareness

John Mizuno Dara Carlin mad Judge Keith Tanaka likely to overrule abused mom Maria Styke-Marquez

                       Angel Group "FAMILY COURT is a CASH COW"

Grandmother Maryann Rooney protest of return of now-dead child to abusers ignored by Child Welfare


WA   Jan Smith on hunger strike to protest corrupt CPS system that is destroying families statewide

Johnson Tyler "It's kind of Orwellian what's being set up here " as state seizes benefits for child support

        Suzy Nickel, Kelly Vick announce nationwide campaign for family rights on Rosa Parks Day Dec 1

      Cowlitz County teen sues after family court investigator Mark Workingor sent her to abusive home

         Thurston Family Court Reporter tells all WA state custody awards; reports shared parenting rally

         Raped By the State - Denise Dopkins blog about Child Protective Services abuses


GA     Julie Batson, Rick Leeds, and  Georgians for Family Law Reform, against lawyers inciting conflict

 Atlanta News: PROTEST at Fulton County Courthouse against CORRUPT JUDGES - William Windsor

CPS Child Trafficking Sen Nancy Schaefer; was she murdered for investigating court corruption?  Children converted to CASH

          Grandmother Yvonne Mason writes to Gov Sonny Perdue claiming corruption in Georgia DFCS

Randy Miller, Joe Hunter sue Nathan Deal, Clyde Reese over child support; Sarah Geraghty comment

Gwinnett:  Kimberly Brown, Vicki Pierce: Judge Michael Clark, Robert Rodatus failed to protect children

          Martinez residents blog about big problems with custody evaluator Dr. Joseph Frey III

       Gottschalk v. Gottschalk challenges the “shadow justice” system that functions within the country's       system of “Family” courts, involving Thurbert E. Baker, C. LaTain Kell, S. Lark Ingram, Diane Woods

"There is something bad happening to our children in family courts today that is causing them more harm than drugs, more harm than crime and even more harm than child molestation". - Judge Watson L. White, Superior Court Judge, Georgia


LA   Should Judge David Blanchet be removed from [family] court?  565 comments!


DE  Gordon Smith tellsof false accusations in family court; holds protest at Kent County Family Court


ALL     Working Moms, Julie Michaud lose  The Downside for Female Breadwinners: Losing Your Kids

        GO GRANDMOM Lynne Gilman documents lengthy, but successful family court outcome!

                           How to Sue a Judge by David C. Grossack, Constitutional Attorney

            James (Jim) DeLelys posts Petition for Child $upport Reform, child support horror stories

           Judge Edith Jones tells law students that American legal system is corrupt beyond recognition

          Why is it so hard to find a lawyer to fight legal or judicial corruptionQ&A by Richard O'Donnell

             Improving American Education Requires Family Law Reform - article by Rob Washington

          Petition, Congressional inquiry concerning the corruption in family court, poster Sheldon Johnson

            Barb and Rick Nischalke: Corrupt Family Court System and apathy are destroying nation

US Moms, others, file International Complaint Against US author Diane Post, with Jeff Hoverson Petition

            Equal Parenting Party a Nassau County, NY judge "has generated more than 40 million dollars              in fee$ to the divorce/custody industry players" open letter to Congressman Peter King

  Booming Business: Children's Supervised Visitation Inc, Nancy Thoennes, Jessica Pearson describe

          Garland Waller explains "rules" of getting your family court horror story into the mainstream media

Sept 28, 2012: Everywhere Protest against CPS, Family Court, Foster Care Practices, coordinators  Helen Marie Furtado, David Bambic, Barbara McCormic, Jim Black of Angel Eyes over Texas, Rick Hotta Candi Comfort, Liz Radmore, Terry Decker, Rozellen, Justice for Adbulrahman Khalil?, Linda Robben
Jan Smith, Kimberly Wcykoff, Vicki Lambou, Darcy Van Orden, Jack Frost, Ruth Chichester, Katherine Cherry, Ruth Cummins, Souther Command

JUDGES who have ACTED for change  -  DeAnn Salcido (CA), Robert Bork, Joan Orie Melvin        (PA), Edith Jones, Bill Belk (NC)

 The one great principle of the English law is, to make business for itself.                                                                                                                   Charles Dickens

BR     Brazil OUTLAWS Parental Alienation: judge may assess CRIMINAL/civil penalties! Awesome!

                                                                                                                                                      ON      Justice James Turnbull deals with a brainwashing parent! Wow!   Richard Warshak                                                                                                                                            testifies

           Dufferin VOCA posts  2010 Rally Schedule for Ontario children  Robert McQuaid contact

   Petition: Stop the Corrupt Family Law Court of Ontario     Target: Atty General Chris Bentley, Premier                                                                                                            Dalton McGuinty, Andrea Horwath,Tim Hudak

      Karyn Kennedy of Boost supports family court reforms to consider criminal record checks of parents

CAN   Canada Courtwatch expose injustices committed against children & families by the legal system

       Occupy the Courts Canada  demands the Constitutional Right to Sue for Violations of their Rights 

            Loretta Cassidy , Linda Plourde attend Family Justice Rally to protest Children's Aid Society

           Hal and Danica Jeffery post Canadian Shared Equal Parenting Petition 

       Mary Ellen Kragh, Lauren Tsang, Rosie Binstead, Ray Ferris, others protest Baynes family injustice 

            Robert Martin, Univ. of Western Ontario retired law prof in Law school$ are corrupt beyond repair

           David Nash runs "Cross Canada Run for the Children" for equal parenting and Bill C422

NZ       Judge Peter Boshier describes a more open Family Court system via the Care of Children Act

FR        Psychological violence a criminal offence - Nadine Morano "it isn't just blows (that hurt)"

GER    Thomas Meysen "There should be a possibility for fathers to get into joint custody"

SCO    David La Rooy, John Halley report  "systemic problem which is harming the welfare of children"

AU       Freda Briggs "violence committed in presence or hearing of children constitutes child abuse"

           Helen Goltz for short term renewable marriage contract to reduce stress, need for court$, lawyer$

            Rallies highlight failure of Family Court to protect child victims of abuse; Dionne Fehring speaks

       Barry Williams Lone Fathers Assn: family law is "multi-billion-dollar cottage industry for lawyers

          What is Organized Crime? How is it related to Family Court? Paul Nesbitt, Interpol, defines it

            Ann Bressington says current family law is a divisive "cash cow" that harms children

IRE      Mrs. Justice Catherine McGuinness for rights of children in Irish law; Fergus Finlay comments

  Equality Minister Mary White promises to help "decent dads," grandparents access their children

MALTA  Children's Commissioner Helen D'Amato calls for children to be heard in Family Court

 Outgoing Children's Commissioner Carmen Zammit for legislation to stop smacking of children

IL       Niv Amit, others protest for shared parenting; Drora Burnstein: "attorneys live off of their conflict"

Dad's protest Judge Rivka Mekayes, Kfar Saba family court, 2001-11, for Alienating Children GO DADS!

 Jail for Family Court Protests:w/ Guy ShamirEsperanza Alon clerk , MK Yulia Shamalov-Berkovich     

UK   Charles Pragnell, Jack Frost, Ian Joseph, Rachel Bramble, Kurt Freeman, Dave Mortimer, Fassit        Team, Pamela Sharp website exposes the secret 'Injustice' operating today in the UK Family Courts

        Newspaper Society protests reporting restrictions in family court cases- Greenslade Blog

   Mark Harris book Family Court Hell tells of 10 year case with 133 hearings before 33 different judges

        BBC blog about Jake and Victoria Ward ordeal in family court and Darragh MacIntyre report

        The UK Rally Against Child Abuse with speaker film director/former abuse survivor Bill Maloney 

       Sir Mark Potter, Barnardo's, others call for radical culture shift in court practice, due to huge delays

IN      Protest of corruption in judiciary - Anil Patel, president of Indian Association of Lawyers (Gujaret)

Outrage over "wife-beating" remarks Family Court Justice Bhakthavatsala & Justice B S Indrakala out

      Ranjitsinh Rathod, Baroda Bar Association, others protest family court judge A S Saiyyad behavior

AF Family Law Reform and Women’s Rights in Muslim Countries conference by Rights and Democracy

  Women protest backwards family law of Hamid Karzai; Gideon Rachmanm Hamida Hasani comment

Do you know of links to other stories about family court reform?                                                              email   fixit@usfamilycourtreform.com

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